Saturday, November 2, 2013

About businesses that provide goods and services

I love goods and services I use them all the time, but some businesses are ridiculously crap at providing them especially when it comes to the internet. Now I hate people a lot and I would prefer to conduct all my business without having to talk to them which is what is so great about the internet, but some people who have businesses on the internet don't seem to get this.

If you have a business on the internet you should be aware of the following things:

You should have a good website, one that tells me exactly what your business is, what your products are or what service you provide, I'm not a mind reader FFS.

You should tell me how much your service is or what your goods cost and you should allow me to order or book your service online. I do not want to have to call or fax or email or send a message by carrier pigeon, surely this is a given because I assume you want to make money from your website or else why did you bother to put your business on the internet you idiot?

Speaking of email, if I send you an email about your goods or services because you haven't provided enough information on your website, how about you fucking answer the email, it's very rude not to AND you won't get my business.

If you are a major company who offers layby you should allow this all to be done online, I can't believe you don't all do it already, how have you not already thought of this? I'm no genius and I thought of it. In fact it would be really good if I could buy all things online from your store because you know, then I don't have to talk to anyone if I don't want to.

If you cannot do these things then perhaps an online business is not for you, maybe you should do needlepoint instead? Maybe a spot of croquet? Or perhaps just pull up your fucking socks and make some more money that I am trying to give you, I assume that was your main aim after all?


  1. Well said. Why have a freaking website if you don't reply to your freaking emails? Worse, why email me and ask me to phone you? The whole point of the internetz is so we don't have to TALK to each other? Sigh.


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