Thursday, October 31, 2013

About bullshit

Fuck me there's a lot of bullshit isn't there? This is why I have been steering clear of social media of late because I'm a bit over it. There's so much fighting, so much judgemental crap, double standards, and it's all bullshit. Everyone is of course entitled to their point of view but heaven forbid anyone disagrees with you. For fucks sake there's enough shit in this world to deal with than fighting over something that is either not important or you're never going to agree so what's the point? Agree to disagree and move on. And also, there's a way to say things, even if you disagree with someone, especially if they are your friend, no PARTICULARLY if they are your friend. And if you disagree with me or I disagree with you it's fine, but being an uppity bitch or an arsehole about it will not entice me in anyway into your way of thinking, so maybe you should think about that.

We all know that the world isn't perfect and we all know that many things need to change, and we should all be striving for the same thing, equality for all and everyone to be decent human beings, but you know what? FIGHTING ABOUT IT WILL NOT CHANGE THINGS.

And what's with all the judgemental crap? Why are we doing this? Unless something someone does/likes/eats/drinks/wears impacts on us or our family or is hurting someone else, what does it matter? and why do you care? Then answer is it doesn't and your shouldn't. You don't have to do/like/eat/drink/wear whatever it is you object to, surely you have enough of your own shit to worry about than to be worrying about what other people are doing/liking/eating/drinking.wearing? I'm so over worrying about what other people may be thinking about things that I do/like/eat/drink/wear, so I'm not going to let it worry me anyone because it's bullshit, and you should stop worrying about what I'm doing/liking/eating.drinking/wearing and worry about your own stuff because I'm not going to worry about any of those things to do with you because it's nothing to do with me, whatever floats your boat, I don't care. Yay if we like the same things, let's have a chat about it, but if we don't, then whatevs. I think if more people took this stance maybe that would be one less worry in our lives, just sayin.

I won't get too much into double standards because I don't want to open a portal to hell, but let's just say they are there and they should stop because this is not winning anything.

So to sum everything up, let's end all the bullshit, isn't it time there was no bullshit? The world would be a lot better if there was no bullshit. Fight for all the good and right things but without all the bullshit that currently seems to go along with it. Be decent, be kind, be nice, be unselfish, there's not enough of this going on, not enough at all.

And you might think that this is all bullshit and that's cool, whatevs, but I won't get into a debate with you about it, you're entitled to your opinion, this is just mine.

And in closing if you haven't watched this interview with Russell Brand then you should, it is AWESOME and I like the way he thinks:

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