Thursday, October 31, 2013

About bullshit

Fuck me there's a lot of bullshit isn't there? This is why I have been steering clear of social media of late because I'm a bit over it. There's so much fighting, so much judgemental crap, double standards, and it's all bullshit. Everyone is of course entitled to their point of view but heaven forbid anyone disagrees with you. For fucks sake there's enough shit in this world to deal with than fighting over something that is either not important or you're never going to agree so what's the point? Agree to disagree and move on. And also, there's a way to say things, even if you disagree with someone, especially if they are your friend, no PARTICULARLY if they are your friend. And if you disagree with me or I disagree with you it's fine, but being an uppity bitch or an arsehole about it will not entice me in anyway into your way of thinking, so maybe you should think about that.

We all know that the world isn't perfect and we all know that many things need to change, and we should all be striving for the same thing, equality for all and everyone to be decent human beings, but you know what? FIGHTING ABOUT IT WILL NOT CHANGE THINGS.

And what's with all the judgemental crap? Why are we doing this? Unless something someone does/likes/eats/drinks/wears impacts on us or our family or is hurting someone else, what does it matter? and why do you care? Then answer is it doesn't and your shouldn't. You don't have to do/like/eat/drink/wear whatever it is you object to, surely you have enough of your own shit to worry about than to be worrying about what other people are doing/liking/eating/drinking.wearing? I'm so over worrying about what other people may be thinking about things that I do/like/eat/drink/wear, so I'm not going to let it worry me anyone because it's bullshit, and you should stop worrying about what I'm doing/liking/eating.drinking/wearing and worry about your own stuff because I'm not going to worry about any of those things to do with you because it's nothing to do with me, whatever floats your boat, I don't care. Yay if we like the same things, let's have a chat about it, but if we don't, then whatevs. I think if more people took this stance maybe that would be one less worry in our lives, just sayin.

I won't get too much into double standards because I don't want to open a portal to hell, but let's just say they are there and they should stop because this is not winning anything.

So to sum everything up, let's end all the bullshit, isn't it time there was no bullshit? The world would be a lot better if there was no bullshit. Fight for all the good and right things but without all the bullshit that currently seems to go along with it. Be decent, be kind, be nice, be unselfish, there's not enough of this going on, not enough at all.

And you might think that this is all bullshit and that's cool, whatevs, but I won't get into a debate with you about it, you're entitled to your opinion, this is just mine.

And in closing if you haven't watched this interview with Russell Brand then you should, it is AWESOME and I like the way he thinks:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

About teaching your kids not to be jerks

Do that! Teach your kids not to be such fucking jerks. Kids are being fucking jerks to my kid and making him not want to go to school, and it sucks. So teach your kids not to be fucking jerks and maybe we can stamp out adult jerks because adult jerks are complete fucking arseholes.

Monday, October 21, 2013

About people not understanding depression

I chose this to write about today because I did something stupid and I read the comments, and I read them on this now I'm really proud of this, REALLY proud because people with depression often don't speak out about it and yes times have changed but going by the comments there's still a long way to go. No one is saying depression is exactly like cancer, they're saying it is an illness like cancer and it's something that doesn't go away and it does kill. This is what I had to say about people finding the quote offensive:

This is my husband and I am offended at your offense. Clearly you people have never heard of suicide. Every day I wonder will he be coming home today or will the police show because something has tipped him over the edge. I've had to call the police because he has cut himself in front of me and I am worried for his safety, I've been there when our children have asked him why he has cuts on his arms and I've had my 8 year old son bawling in my arms worried that he has depression like daddy. And it's people like you that are offended make depression still taboo and why people are still too afraid to talk about it. You are a disgrace and part of the problem.

And I stand by it, and I'll keep standing by it. I don't have depression, but I live close enough to depression that I know just how bad it is. It is horrendous and I do not envy any family that has to deal with it, it's hard for everyone. I will never, ever understand people who cannot see just how terrible it is or at least do not show compassion to those that it affects and their families. As I said, these people are part of the problem and this is why people with depression still have to fight to speak up and be heard, stop shouting them down and start listening for fucks sake. Any illness that takes a loved one away is awful, it's not a competition over which is worse, stop making it so.

I would just like to say on a personal level that we have many beautiful people in our lives that love and support us and for that I am eternally grateful, but also some people are complete monsters and have even told my husband to go and kill himself (not just him but other people that I love that also suffer from depression) and this is so not cool and they are a complete abomination and should seriously get fucked. This I do not appreciate, how dare you tell someone to do that, how fucking dare you. No one should ever tell another person do this, how dare you encourage them when they are already feeling this way. How dare you be happy about them taking themselves away from the people that love them, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. These people are the problem, please don't you be one of them.

Getting help for your depression is essential and it is NEVER a sign of weakness, it is in fact a sign of great strength, and I have said this before. Admitting that you have depression and then seeking out help is HUGE and you should be so proud for doing so. Life isn't easy and sometimes we all need a little help with something, it's nothing to be ashamed of at all,  it is the opposite.

If you need help because you live or love someone with depression, please don't be afraid to get it, call any of these numbers:

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636
Lifeline:  13 11 14
Men's Line Australia:  1300 78 99 78
Salvo Care Line: 1300 36 36 22
Kids Help Line: counselling and support provided for young people (to 24 years old) who are feeling depressed, sad, or lonely - or just need someone to talk to - 1800 55 1800
Child Abuse Prevention Services: 1800 688 009
Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467

Sunday, October 20, 2013

About people getting their rocks off by being mean

I will never, ever understand these people, never, and I offer them a how dare you and a go fuck yourself. I'm not sure what has happened in their life to make them such an arsehole but I wish they'd figure it out. I'm sick of hearing about and dealing with their type.

I have copped abuse from people not because of who I am but because of who I am married to. Now he might welcome abuse and he has his way of dealing with it (usually by making fun of the idiot doing it) but I do not welcome it and I do not appreciate it. I have been called fat (well I do have some more weight to lose but I am smaller than I used to be), I've been called ugly (I don't think that I am and I don't think many other people think that I am) and I've been called a suck (I'm not, I am nice and I'm sure they don't know what that means because they're an arshole and I'm sure not many people are nice to then), but I'd rather be all those things and an evil, horrid person who enjoys being mean to others.

They must feel like such a big person with their few friends and the fact that they do all of this behaviour hiding behind a computer screen being all anonymous, but in reality they are a coward and a loser. But I refuse to be hurt by their words anymore and I want you to as well, these people do not deserve your hurt feelings and your tears, they don't know you and don't care about you. Offer them a hearty go fuck yourself and hope that karma bites them hard on the arse and go on your merry way. Imagine them in your mind as the sad and pathetic loser that they are, you're better than that.


And to finish off:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

About dissing people with disabilities

And I am writing this because I was pointed in the direction of this  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? I cannot believe this dude is serious, but sadly he is, and the guy he's talking about is completely horrid too and I can't even deal. Where the fuck do these people get off being so completely horrendous? If you are that intolerable of someone for that period of time and so precious that you feel the need to complain about it then you sirs deserve a kick swiftly and hardly in the dick. If I was that theater manager I would have ejected him and told him to never come back if that was going to be his attitude. What, just because someone has a disability that makes you feel uncomfortable they just shouldn't never be allowed out to enjoy things that everyone else enjoys? People with disabilities should be locked up and the key thrown away? Well I think everyone who behaves in this manner should be locked up and the key thrown away and you can all enjoy living in a big douchebaggy house being douchebags together. And how fucking dare you compare a kid with a disability making noises during a film, to someone using a mobile phone, or a bunch of teenagers coming in and being deliberately disruptive, they are complete polar opposites and you need to get your head out of your arse.

And this story reminded me of a tweet I read about a completely horrid and evil woman taking a picture that a mother had posted of her child with downs syndrome and reposting it asking people if they thought this gorgeous, happy and healthy little boy was ugly. Fuck that person, if anyone is ugly it is her, how dare her do this. People like this make me sick and they are such a pimple on the arse of society, these people are why we cannot have and enjoy nice things.

This ends today's rant.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

About last names....

There have been many articles about women and children having the same last name as the husband and father and can I tell you I am sooooo jack of them. Seriously, who died and made you guys king dick of names? Can I ask you why do you think it's your business what name I take and give my children and why the fuck do you care? Is it hurting you that I took my husband's name and my children have the same last name? You could call your kid Lollipop Doodlemunch if you want, I wouldn't choose it but whatever floats your boat, makes no difference to me. I shouldn't have to defend what name I choose for myself and my children, it shouldn't even be a question that anyone is ever asked and it doesn't even really need to be talked about. Some people take it, some don't, some people give their kids the same, some don't, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE???

Stop fucking judging people for choices of things that don't frigging matter, unless I'm doing something completely abhorrent in my life to others or to my children, mind your own goddamn business and STFU. Stop writing stupid articles about stupid things that don't have anything to do with you, life and parenting is a hard enough gig without being judged for completely ridiculous things like what last name I have, STOP IT NOW!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

About people bitching about kids being anywhere....

So my blog post about kids and cafes led to me thinking about people bitching about kids being anywhere, on planes, in the supermarket, on this planet, and I'm wondering a few things, but I'm wondering mostly how they came to be, are they one of those magical people that were born fully grown up jerks? Were they not children once? Why are we not doing scientific studies on these people?

I guess once we have kids our lives should be over? But then how would these people ever have jobs? Are they aware that children being out in society enable them to swan about judging us? Perhaps they should think about THAT?

How about you guys just suck it up for the short time that you have to spend with this small humans, parents are the ones that have to live with them, some of us 24/7, how about you give us mad props for that, huh? HUH?

And sometimes we like to take holidays and shit, not like we can go by car to New Zealand, or Fiji, not that I can afford to but some people can and can't you give us a congrats for being brave enough to travel with our kids, we should get frigging medals.

So suck it up princesses, if you don't like it, jog on.

About Kids in Cafes...

I have something to say about this article I read today on the Hoopla, and this is not a Dev bashing so please don't make it so, but I wholeheartedly DISAGREE with what she has to say here, in fact I'm quite angered by it.

You see as a parent sometimes I have/want to go places with my children, sometimes we all want/need to and sometimes it so happens that we want to go to cafes because lets be honest who doesn't want to go to a good cafe? And most of the time we would LOVE to go without our children but that isn't always possible and sometimes we NEED to go because we may just lose what is left of our sanity and sometimes it's nice to see other people who ARE NOT your children, you know what I mean?

And yes sometimes our kids are noisy and sometimes they are messy and sometimes they scream like banshees but we can't help this, of course we don't want them to do this of course we would love them to sit quietly and be little angels but they're not and I don't think because of this fact that WE as parents should have to stay home. How about those of you who don't like certain people (ie kids) stay in your home, then you won't have to deal with such horrid people? Or go to the many, many places that parents do not take their children because those places are specifically for adults, because to be fair there are many more of those places.

Just because we have children does this mean we cannot at least TRY to enjoy our lives, you've got to let us have some things, we like nice things too. I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired of people judging parents and parent and child bashing just because we dare to venture outside of our own homes, some adults act like if not worse than children and can you imagine the rage that would be unleashed if they were told that they should not venture out, and really some of you should not be out of your homes, but we are too nice to say anything. We already feel bad enough about our children behaving terribly in public we don't need you making us feel worse about it, the embarrassment that a parent feels when your child is in full tanty mode and screaming at the top of their lungs because they didn't get a pink marshmallow with their babyccino is more than enough, we don't need anything more from you. And yes we give our kids babyccinos because even if it only gives us 5 minutes worth of peace, that 5 minutes is better than nothing and also I could kiss whoever invented babyccinos because it means that I get to keep the froth and the chocolate to myself because sometimes we just need such things.

Yes we chose to have children, and as someone with children it makes me sad that Dev doesn't feel sorry for parents and cut them a little slack, hell if I was rich I'd buy every parent with a kid in a cafe a coffee and all the kids a round of babyccinos because they probably all need it. What also comes to mind is that if we are to never allowed to take our children anywhere, how are they supposed to learn how to be a valuable member of society and not end up an inmate at Barwon? Do we just give them a book on what the outside is like? Let them watch the news perhaps? Please fill me in, I'd like to know.

Anyway, I will not be deterred from the outside, I will take my children with me and I will not be made to feel crappy about it, and if you don't like it, you can stay home. And do what we do, be thankful that it's not your kid and talk about how terrible the kid is later. Cafes and babyccinos for all.