Wednesday, November 6, 2013

About parents who blame other kids when it's their kid that's the problem


Now our kid isn't perfect, none of them are, if you think that your kid is perfect then this post probably addresses you. We've had 2 issues of kids dobbing on parents and telling exactly what their parents have said about our kid and seriously these kids themselves have been the problem and not ours. Parents have called our kid "naughty" and also a "pest" which yeah he can be, but not in these instances it has been the other kid, THE OTHER KID. One issue was in kinder, that kid was a jerk and not even friends with Jonah, but this most recent issue has been with Jonah's best friend and I know his mum fairly well and it has me disappointed because apparently she has said that her kid cannot play with my kid because he is a pest.

So I send the mum a message, a nice one, just to check if what the kid has told Jonah is true, because this kid likes to make shit up, he's made shit up to get Jonah into trouble, he has bitten Jonah, yes BITTEN, he is disruptive in class, has threatened the teacher, he has teased Jonah about personal things, are you getting the gist of this kid? And she replies back "No Bec, not exactly", which of course is code for " yes I did, fuck I've been caught out" , because I am not an idiot. Parents, you need to remember that once your kids are old enough to talk they know what you're saying and they will more than likely repeat it to someone, for instance one of my girls told the other to "fuck off" one day, so you know, if you don't want what you say repeated, DON'T FUCKING SAY IT.

Also, there's a way to say something, I don't like this kid and I have tried to persuade Jonah to play with other kids but I haven't said "__________ is a complete jerk face, I don't like him, he is a terrible person and you should play with someone else" which is all true but I would never say that because it won't be fair to the kid if Jonah tells him because it will make him sad and I don't want to be caught out like I have just caught this mum out, DER!

Anyway, this may be a rambling rant because I am really cross and upset that people blame my kid for shit that he hasn't done, fuck off with that bullshit fuckers, it's really unfair.

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