Monday, November 11, 2013

About Bullying

It sucks, it well an truly sucks. Who the hell do these bullies think they are that they can make someone's life so miserable that they no longer want to live it? Have their parents taught them nothing? Or do they come from a family who has taught them that these kinds of thing are wrong and completely abhorrent but they still do them anyway? What's going on here? I know that I have taught and will continue to teach my children that teasing anyone about anything is simply not on, not ever, what makes these kids that do do it so different from mine I wonder? What makes them think that this kind of behaviour is ok? What makes them think that they are better than anyone else? Have these questions ever been asked and answered properly? I find this situation really hard to fathom.

What are the schools doing to support these young people? I've often heard that the principal in these circumstances has said "we'll keep an eye on the situation" which is really code for "I'm not really sure what to do about it but I'm hoping this will placate you enough to not bring it up again so I don't actually have to to anything" and this is simply not good enough, you must take further action. Young people are losing their lives because of this matter and it shouldn't be happening. Unfortunately for all the good an decent people there will never be an arsehole cull, so unfortunately these kinds of people will still be here, so we desperately need change, harsh penalties for anyone who thinks that bullying someone is ok. Which is why I have signed this petition, let this be a voice for change

And to anyone who is suffering from bullying I can only say sorry, sorry that you have to go through this, but know that you are good and you are precious and these people don't even come close to being as good as you. Have strength to fight back and know that these people are not better than you, no one is better than you, we are all the same, some have more than others maybe but that doesn't make them better, some people are famous, that doesn't make them better, some people may think that they're prettier than you, that doesn't make them better, some people might be thinner than you, that doesn't make them better. You should also watch this video, it has a very important message for you:

For the bullies out there, your time of fairly free reign on people and their lives will come to an end, change is coming and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, not for quids. You have no right to do these things, NO RIGHT, you are not better than anyone else and you should get that into your head.

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