Sunday, November 3, 2013

About respect

Or lack thereof really. When the fuck did humans become so disrespectful? Disrespectful of not only people but also things. Who the fuck thinks it's ok to show people and things such disrespect? Yet if others showed these people a lack of respect, for them or their things they'd be jumping up and down about it, what fucking gives yo?

All around me I see people disrespecting others, disrespecting things, disrespecting property and I can't help but wonder why? And it seems unnecessary, don't disrespect someone just because you don't share the same opinion on something, don't disrespect something just because it's not yours, where the fuck do you get off doing this? You're hurting a person or damaging something that's not yours, do you realise this and just don't care? In this case I ask what happened to make you this way? Why do you feel it necessary to be an arsehole? Do you like people thinking that you're an arsehole? I simply don't get it?

And of course there are people that don't deserve respect, I know this, I don't respect lots of people and it's usually because they are an arsehole. But I have seen and heard of people being disrespected unnecessarily and it is just terrible, and disrespecting property and public places is just disgraceful, I hope that these people realise that if they pay taxes they're just having to pay for this shit, or are they that stupid they don't even realise this?

Anyway, this blog post is just further on I guess from the one I made about people getting their rocks off by being nasty, it's a shame we can't have a motherfucker cull, because until people stop being motherfuckers, shit like this is still going to happen *sigh* but I'm still offering up a giant cup of go fuck yourself to them because they totally deserve it.

Anywho, this ends today's rant.

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  1. Disrespectful people often say "respect must be earned" as an excuse. It's true that respect is earned, but you still have the choice to treat people with respect until they show they don't deserve it instead of treating them without respect until the prove they do.


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