Tuesday, October 15, 2013

About Kids in Cafes...

I have something to say about this article I read today http://thehoopla.com.au/kids-cafes-thing-bullsht/ on the Hoopla, and this is not a Dev bashing so please don't make it so, but I wholeheartedly DISAGREE with what she has to say here, in fact I'm quite angered by it.

You see as a parent sometimes I have/want to go places with my children, sometimes we all want/need to and sometimes it so happens that we want to go to cafes because lets be honest who doesn't want to go to a good cafe? And most of the time we would LOVE to go without our children but that isn't always possible and sometimes we NEED to go because we may just lose what is left of our sanity and sometimes it's nice to see other people who ARE NOT your children, you know what I mean?

And yes sometimes our kids are noisy and sometimes they are messy and sometimes they scream like banshees but we can't help this, of course we don't want them to do this of course we would love them to sit quietly and be little angels but they're not and I don't think because of this fact that WE as parents should have to stay home. How about those of you who don't like certain people (ie kids) stay in your home, then you won't have to deal with such horrid people? Or go to the many, many places that parents do not take their children because those places are specifically for adults, because to be fair there are many more of those places.

Just because we have children does this mean we cannot at least TRY to enjoy our lives, you've got to let us have some things, we like nice things too. I don't know about anyone else but I'm tired of people judging parents and parent and child bashing just because we dare to venture outside of our own homes, some adults act like if not worse than children and can you imagine the rage that would be unleashed if they were told that they should not venture out, and really some of you should not be out of your homes, but we are too nice to say anything. We already feel bad enough about our children behaving terribly in public we don't need you making us feel worse about it, the embarrassment that a parent feels when your child is in full tanty mode and screaming at the top of their lungs because they didn't get a pink marshmallow with their babyccino is more than enough, we don't need anything more from you. And yes we give our kids babyccinos because even if it only gives us 5 minutes worth of peace, that 5 minutes is better than nothing and also I could kiss whoever invented babyccinos because it means that I get to keep the froth and the chocolate to myself because sometimes we just need such things.

Yes we chose to have children, and as someone with children it makes me sad that Dev doesn't feel sorry for parents and cut them a little slack, hell if I was rich I'd buy every parent with a kid in a cafe a coffee and all the kids a round of babyccinos because they probably all need it. What also comes to mind is that if we are to never allowed to take our children anywhere, how are they supposed to learn how to be a valuable member of society and not end up an inmate at Barwon? Do we just give them a book on what the outside is like? Let them watch the news perhaps? Please fill me in, I'd like to know.

Anyway, I will not be deterred from the outside, I will take my children with me and I will not be made to feel crappy about it, and if you don't like it, you can stay home. And do what we do, be thankful that it's not your kid and talk about how terrible the kid is later. Cafes and babyccinos for all.

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  1. Excellent. I have the same thoughts. Because I have the same sort of kids sometimes!


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