Monday, October 21, 2013

About people not understanding depression

I chose this to write about today because I did something stupid and I read the comments, and I read them on this now I'm really proud of this, REALLY proud because people with depression often don't speak out about it and yes times have changed but going by the comments there's still a long way to go. No one is saying depression is exactly like cancer, they're saying it is an illness like cancer and it's something that doesn't go away and it does kill. This is what I had to say about people finding the quote offensive:

This is my husband and I am offended at your offense. Clearly you people have never heard of suicide. Every day I wonder will he be coming home today or will the police show because something has tipped him over the edge. I've had to call the police because he has cut himself in front of me and I am worried for his safety, I've been there when our children have asked him why he has cuts on his arms and I've had my 8 year old son bawling in my arms worried that he has depression like daddy. And it's people like you that are offended make depression still taboo and why people are still too afraid to talk about it. You are a disgrace and part of the problem.

And I stand by it, and I'll keep standing by it. I don't have depression, but I live close enough to depression that I know just how bad it is. It is horrendous and I do not envy any family that has to deal with it, it's hard for everyone. I will never, ever understand people who cannot see just how terrible it is or at least do not show compassion to those that it affects and their families. As I said, these people are part of the problem and this is why people with depression still have to fight to speak up and be heard, stop shouting them down and start listening for fucks sake. Any illness that takes a loved one away is awful, it's not a competition over which is worse, stop making it so.

I would just like to say on a personal level that we have many beautiful people in our lives that love and support us and for that I am eternally grateful, but also some people are complete monsters and have even told my husband to go and kill himself (not just him but other people that I love that also suffer from depression) and this is so not cool and they are a complete abomination and should seriously get fucked. This I do not appreciate, how dare you tell someone to do that, how fucking dare you. No one should ever tell another person do this, how dare you encourage them when they are already feeling this way. How dare you be happy about them taking themselves away from the people that love them, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. These people are the problem, please don't you be one of them.

Getting help for your depression is essential and it is NEVER a sign of weakness, it is in fact a sign of great strength, and I have said this before. Admitting that you have depression and then seeking out help is HUGE and you should be so proud for doing so. Life isn't easy and sometimes we all need a little help with something, it's nothing to be ashamed of at all,  it is the opposite.

If you need help because you live or love someone with depression, please don't be afraid to get it, call any of these numbers:

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636
Lifeline:  13 11 14
Men's Line Australia:  1300 78 99 78
Salvo Care Line: 1300 36 36 22
Kids Help Line: counselling and support provided for young people (to 24 years old) who are feeling depressed, sad, or lonely - or just need someone to talk to - 1800 55 1800
Child Abuse Prevention Services: 1800 688 009
Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467


  1. Fear and ignorance are two reasons why people are discriminatory and offensive... I have a friend who has chronically ill children (3 out of 4) and she has zero tolerance for depression - absolutely no empathy. Her situation is tragic but as you said, "it's not a competition".


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