Thursday, December 26, 2013

About why I have left twitter

If you don't already know I have deactivated my twitter account due to someone creating the account bec_pobjie and then using that account to be horrid and mean to people, people I love and respect and would never do such things to.

I feel sick, sad and angry that some motherfucking arsehole would do this. What they are doing goes against everything that I would do, say and how I would behave, except this person, I would be completely horrid to them if I knew who they were because they would deserve it for being completely abhorrent and disgraceful.

I certainly hope that the account creator is no one I know or have talked to before, I certainly hope it wasn't the person that followed the account for a short time even though they hadn't tweeted for many hours, I hope it was just an accident as they were blocking and reporting this account.

I hate anyone that creates these accounts, it is one of the lowest and cowardliest things a person can do and I cannot explain why anyone would want to do such a thing. If you want to be an arsehole and talk shit about people use your own fucking name you piece of scum, how fucking dare you use mine.

So I'm hoping this fucker will lose interest and get fucked, I will be back I'm sure but for right now I cannot be there and watch this person do what they are doing. Please keep blocking and reporting this account and hopefully eventually they will not bother to start it back up again.


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