Friday, January 17, 2014

About articles that tell me what I should/shouldn't like/do

Today's rant is proudly brought to you by this complete horse shit of an article:

What a complete fucking crock and a massive sweeping generalisation of what mothers like and don't like. "Mothers don't want to see exploding cars. They don't want to see orcs, or awkward (and especially orc-ward) sex. Sci-fi? Forget it. Violence? No thanks. Superheroes are super dull, and fantasy is also not really mothers' cup of tea" FUCK OFF, I like movies with these things in it and I'm a mother, sure my mother wouldn't enjoy them, but that is her. Perhaps the author of this article should have said "mothers of a certain age" but even then that's assuming that mum's are all cut from the same cookie cutter, THEY AREN'T YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOT. I'm sure there are older mums who like these things, there are probably even bikie nanas who enjoy watching hardcore porn, YOU DON'T KNOW SO STOP FUCKING ASSUMING THINGS!!! I like nice movies too, am I not allowed because I like the other movies that I shouldn't because I am a mum? When I get to a certain age will I only like nice movies without all these nasty horrid things in them? Should I not have a tattoo either as a mum because tattoos are for hip young people and now I'm a mum I'm just an old husk of a woman? Clearly I'm not doing this mum thing correctly.

I am so tired of being told that as a mother/wife/woman/person the things that I should/shouldn't like/do, how about you let us as individuals decide these things, considering that you as an article writer don't know everyone on the face of the fucking earth. So until you know everyone on the face of the fucking earth how about you shut the fuck up about these things. I will like what I like and do what I want to do because I am me and I am an individual.

So dear Hollywood, please keep making movies with car explosions, orcs, sex, drugs, sci fi, violence and superheroes, because these are the best kinds of movies, especially if they have hot guys in them like Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum, thank you. 

Thus ends today's rant.

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